Everyone wants our time. We have todo lists, but they seem to be growing, rather than shrinking.

This is where my journey began, way in the deep past. I was reacting to things as they came up. My list of work was growing. I never seemed to be able to get ahead of things and start to plan where I wanted to go.

I was making silly mistakes that I would not normally make.

In a quiet week I was working over 100 hours. Family time did not exist, my had no energy levels, and sleep – I was lucky to get 2 hours of undisturbed sleep. This was not the life I signed up for.


How I Started To Fix This

I searched for “Getting Things Done”, hoping that it would help me make better use of my time.

This resulted in a lot of links to a book by David Allen, called “Getting Things Done”, GTD. It was what I needed.

Over the next few months I started to use a lot of what he described. I was able to reduce the number of hours I was working, but still get the same amount of work done. My attention felt better, I was no longer making so many silly mistakes, I wasn’t snapping at people. My life was coming back in control.

In the years since I have continued to refine my new knowledge. I have read lots of book and articles in the productivity area, adjusting my behaviour as I learnt.

I have changed many things from this core GTD. These include:

  • Stephen Coveys Eight Habits
  • Edwards De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
  • and too many other sources to name


The Result

My life now feels more in control than ever. I am focused, continually learning and expanding my knowledge and skills. I now want to share this with others. By bringing my years of practical experience I allow them to get control of their own work and life.

For more information about how I can help you please contact me at garry@nextactions.com.au

For more information about David Allen “Getting Things Done”

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