Getting In Control

You’re sat at the bottom of the pyramid, your world is spiralling.  Everything is in your head, you’re continually forgetting things.  You’re reacting to everything, dashing from one fire to another, but never seeming to finish anything.

Does this sound familiar?

You are not alone.  It’s time to take control.

Empty Mind

The best way to start is to make a list of everything.  Spend some time emptying your mind.  Write it all down.  Once its out of your head it frees your mind and more things bubble up, you write them down and so it continues.

Its a liberating feeling to not be continually trying to remember everything.


Now you’re no longer worrying about missing things its time to work out what each item means.  Do you know enough to take action?  Do you need more information?  Now’s the times to start gathering yourself and your thoughts.


What can you do now?  What things need to happen before you can move forward with an item?  Can you collect different items from your list together?  Its time to start planning.  Bringing things together so you can see where steps are missing.

Organising and Delegating

Now you know what you need to do and the order you need to do them in.  Its time to decide, is this something I need to do, or can I delegate it to someone else?  If you can delegate it then do so, why do work that you don’t need to.  Also remember that every time you delegate something you are also allowing that person to grow their skills and knowledge.

Do you have everything you need to do the action?  Are you in the right place to do it?  There is no point in talking to your boss about something if your boss is not there!


Now we can do some work.  If an action only needs 2 minutes to do, then just do it.  Tick it off your list and give yourself a quick smile.  Its always nice to take things off your lists.  If an action needs longer, is this the best time to do it, or can you defer it to a later time or date?


You’re now on the top of the pyramid, looking down on those who are driving themselves upwards.  Its time to reach down, share your knowledge and time and help those to step on up through each level.


These, and more, are covered in the first 2 sessions of our course.  Contact us to discuss your needs, and together we can help you get In Control.


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