If your planning out the next year, quarter, month or week, its likely that you will be setting some goals

Goals are really useful in helping you to define what you want to achieve and then to track them through to completion.

Join me to now to talk about a common technique you can use when setting goals.


What is a goal?

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is

the end toward which effort is directed

It’s not something that is complicated

It’s not something that has to be difficult

It’s just the end result that you are working towards

One of the most common techniques used to define a goal is the SMART method

You have likely heard about SMART goals.

We’re going to spend a few minutes now to explore what a SMART goal is

SMART is an acronym to allow us to easily remember how best to come up with goals

The first letter is S. This stands for specific

This is the who, what, where for the goal

It’s is used to describe what you want to do

An example, you could want to have some money

To be specific you would say “I want some money in my Savings account”

But this does not fully describe the goal

We next add in the M – or Measurable

This tells you how you know that you have met the goal

So our example would become

“I will have $200,000 in my Savings account”

We now know the trigger to show we have done what we wanted to do

The next thing is the A to make sure the goal is Achievable

It’s easy to write a goal that you have no chance of achieving.

But these are being pointless and end up damaging your morale.

A goal that can not be achieved is not a goal, it’s a threat.

It leads to people not even trying

When setting a goal make sure it is something that is achievable

That does not mean it should be easy to achieve

It needs to challenge your skills and knowledge

It needs to enable you to grow

Back with our example having $200,000 is not achievable

So we rewrite the goal to be “have $2,000 in my Savings account”

We now look at the R – this is for Relevant

The goal should be relevant to you

It should be something that meets one your targets or needs

Think of this as the “why” of the goal

Why is the goal important to you and your work or life

It helps you understand the reason for the goal

Coming back to our example, we may modify it to

“I will have $2,000 in my savings account so I can go on vacation to Bali”

The final letter T – this stands for time bound or timely

This is the timeframe in which the goal should be achieved

Most people will deny it, but we all love deadlines

We like to know when something needs to be done by

It gives us a target to aim for.

It gives us a goal!

Back with our example. Our goal becomes

“By 31 December I will have $2,000 in my Savings account so I can go on vacation to Bali”

By applying the SMART principle our goal went from

“have some money” to

“By 31 December I will have $2,000 in my Savings account so I can go on vacation to Bali”

We understand the goal. We know why we are doing it

We knows when it needs to be done by and we know how we can measure its success

We have our target and we can track progress towards it

Do you have some goals you are working towards?

Have you used the SMARt technique to define the goals?

If you have can you drop them in a comment?

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To summarise, we all need to have goals to help us

One of the best ways to do this is to define them using the SMART goals technique

This makes the goal





And Time Bound

Once we have defined our goals we can then work towards them and track progress

This helps us to stay on track

It helps us to get the results we deserve

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