Hi, this is Garry from Next Actions

Are you running a successful business or team?

Have your results flattened out?

Are you trying different things but nothing seems to be working?

It’s time to take a step back and look at what is going on.

Join me to discuss some steps you can take to try and restart your business growth.

We all hit that point where things just seem to be coasting along

We want to see more growth but despite what we do the results just don’t change

There are a number of quick tips that you can use to try and kick start your results

The first one is to do with how you are viewing things.

Although we think we don’t we all tend to have rather fixed ways of looking at things

This is really useful when you first start or are selling a product to a small group of people

But when trying to grow it can be one of the things that hold you back.

You look at things through your own filter

You are likely to think that you are targeting people like yourself

But once you’ve got all of those on board then you need to change the way you are thinking

And yes I am well aware of how difficult that is

For this, it’s best to try and take a step back

Using a brainstorming session can be useful for this

What you are trying to do is come up with ideas for different ways to do this

As part of this brainstorming session can you get other people involved?

And don’t just ask the usual people that you would go to

Try and find some people that you would normally not go to

If you’ve been targeting people between 20 and 30, can you get someone who is between 40 and 50

If most of your sales are to males, can you get more women involved

The aim is to get some different points of view than you normally would

Once the brainstorm is finished you’ll have a list of ideas

Normally you would then be picking off the ones that seem easy and obvious, the ones that you think would give you results

What you do this time is throw them away

You’ve been doing the easy and obvious, it’s now time to do different things!

Take the remaining ideas and work through them

Remember you are not doing things that are for you, you are doing things that will attract other people

Once again why not ask someone else for help with this

Find someone with that different viewpoint

Talk over the ideas with them

And the listen to them

I don’t mean hear them, I mean actually listen

Think about what they are telling you

Dig deeper into their thought processes to really understand what they are trying to tell you

Then use this understanding to approach things from a different mindset

Another tip is to find out what the customer actually wants

It’s likely that you initially built your product or service on what you or people similar to you like

This allows you to sell to those people

It allows you to stay in your comfort zone

When you are trying to go out to people outside of that group, then you are finding very little interest

People just don’t see the product as you do

They don’t have the excitement

Why is this?

Well it’s not what they want

What frustrates you though, you can see that it’s exactly what they need!

You can see the need

You can see the potential

But you just can’t seem to get the interest from the people you are targeting

What you need to do is to spend some time to try and understand this new market

You need to get to know the types of people you are targeting

Understand what it is they are looking for

Understand how they are looking for it

Understand what putting them off

This is often referred to as two different activities

The first is market research – understanding what the market wants

The second is customer segmentation

This is dividing customers into groups based on common characteristics so you can effectively market to them.

Again this is not an easy thing to do, and it’s not a quick one either

By spending the time to understand the market your selling into allows you to develop ways to approach it

For example, if the market is looking for red apples then you won’t get very far trying to sell oranges

Understanding the market lets you validate that people want what your selling

You can identify products, services and processes ranges that match the needs of the market

The same goes for the customer segment

If you understand the type of people that are interested in your product you can then tailor your messages to match that

If you’re trying to launch a milk-based product, then you don’t want to be targeting people with dairy intolerances

My final to today is to look at what your competitors are doing

I am in no way saying copy them because that would not be a good idea

Look at what they are doing

Does it seem to be successful for them?

What makes it stand out?

Are they using specific types of marketing?

Maybe they are giving out free samples, or using targeted Facebook ads

Are they aiming their message at specific people

What images are they using?

What types of media are they using?

By understanding what your competitor is doing, and what seems to be working for them allows you to also do the same for yourself

Are you spending lots of money on Facebook ads but getting nowhere

You competitor only appears to be giving away free samples and has a booming business

So why not try something similar, can you give away samples?

Are you giving away free samples but getting no response?

But your competitor has ads running in the local free newspaper

Well, stop the free samples and look at how you can advertise in the paper

As I have said the idea is not to copy, but to learn from them and apply it to your own business

Do you have something that is holding your business back?

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To summarise

When your business growth hits a wall you should

Look at things differently

Understand your customers

Look at competitors offerings

When doing these look at them with an open mind

If possible can you get other people that you would normally not go to to help you

Also, look at all your ideas and throw away the obvious ones

You are trying to get different results

And to do this means you need to have different thinking

If you’re struggling with getting off the plateau then give me a call

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Isn’t it time you got the results you deserve

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