Hi, this is Garry from Next Actions

How often have you started a task or project only to give in part way through because its too hard

How often do you look at tasks and think “that’s too much work” so skip over them

These both happen more often than you think

People take a look at their projects or tasks then move on because they are just too hard or too much work

Join me now to talk about how you can overcome this

How you can move away from the “too hard thinking” and into the “that’s easy to do” mindset

Take a look at your task list

I’ll bet there a lot of things on there that you may be labelling as too hard, or too much work

I know I have had things like that

I used to look at them, think “nope, too much work” and then move onto the next thing

Tasks and projects would sit like this for months

Every day I’d look at them.

Every day I would then skip over them

And this list of “too hard” projects, well it just kept on growing

What I needed to do was to think about them differently

Rather than skipping over them I needed to start doing them

The way to do this was to stop.

Then spend some time actually thinking about the project or task

Then use this thinking to break the task down into smaller sub-tasks each of which I could more easily do

An example of this is in producing the videos and podcasts that I now do

I first wrote this down about 2 years ago

It read “start releasing videos”

Every time I looked at this I would think “That’s a good idea, but its a lot of work”

And “I don’t have the skills to do this”

I would then pass over it and look at the next item

The results – it was too much, and I did nothing to help me grow the skills I needed

Then one day I stopped

I looked at the task and thought “what can I do to start achieving this”

So I did not move on

I spent some time thinking about this, and I started to break it down

I thought to myself, what do I really need to do to start making videos

The first thing was what will I make them about

So I wrote down, into an outline “I want to make some videos with business tips in them”

The next step was to start coming up with ideas for videos

I started to add to the outline a list of videos that I would like to watch

I didn’t put in too much details, it was just a list of videos, things like

Setting Boundaries

Identifying needs


I ended up with a list of about 20 things I thought I could make videos about

This list is now up to 41 and I’m adding new items every week

I then thought about what I would need to make videos

This came down to a camera, a microphone and some software to edit it with

I looked at what I had.

My laptop had a built in camera and microphone

As I used Apple it also had a free version of iMovie, which is a basic video editing package

I had the equipment that I needed

And yes, it was very basic equipment, and since then I have upgraded, but I had enough to start

So the total amount it cost me to start making videos was nothing

By breaking it down I took a seemingly hard thing and made it simpler

This is the key to achieving anything

Stop looking at it as something that is hard

Instead take that step back

Spend some time to think about the project or task

Take the time to understand it

Dig deep so you can see what it is you want to achieve

Then use this to start to break it down into some simpler steps

Each of these steps is then something that you can more easily achieve

If one of them looks difficult, repeat the process for that item

Break that down into smaller steps again

Each of these steps will be that bit easier, and will enable you to do it

Back with my example I had written down that I was going to do a video on accountability

I would look at it, and the other videos ideas, and think “that’s too hard” then skip it

So I applied the process

I spent a bit of time and broke it down into smaller steps

These were

Research accountability

Write a script for Accountability

Review and refine script

Record video

Edit video

Release to Youtube and Facebook

By breaking to down into smaller steps I was able to start seeing each of them more clearly

I looked at “research accountability” and this was something I could do

Once I’d spent time doing that I was then able to write a script

The script wasn’t perfect, but it gave me a starting point

I now had something I could work with

This moved into the refine phase, which moved into the record phase, then edit and finally release

I had broken through the block I had put there “ its too hard”

And I had delivered a video

I had achieved something hard, by doing lots of smaller, simpler, things

I could then repeat this process with the next item

Breaking it down to things I can do and them do then one after another

I went from having no videos to being able to release 1 video per week

As part of this I was also improving my video skills

The first videos were, to be honest, awful

But each week I would make sure I improved one thing

I wasn’t trying to be perfect over night

And that was very hard for me as I am quite a perfectionist

What I was trying to do was make one improvement per week

This could be in how I write the script

It could be through making myself do read throughs out loud rather than just in my head

I identified equipment that would help me to improve the videos

I changed things in the processes I used

Every week I would make one change

And over time these changes would add up

With each change you are improving your end result

With each change you are getting better

With each change you are moving closer to the results you deserve

Do you have something that you are constantly putting off?

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To summarise

When you come across something that you think is too hard don’t just skip over it


Take some time to think and investigate it

Then break it down into small sub-tasks

Each of these are then easier for you to achieve

If needed break these sub-tasks down even further

With each repetition you are taking something that is hard and turning into a series of things that are easier

Once you have broken it down you can then start to do the simpler sub-tasks

Take them one at a time and complete them

Each one you complete then allows you to move onto the next action, then the next and the next

Before you know it your done

You’ve done all the smaller and simpler tasks

And by doing that you have completed that hard one

You have delivered the results you deserve

If you have a problem, project or task that you think is too hard then give me a call

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We can understand and do them.

We can deliver the results

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