Hi, this is Garry from Next Actions

How many times have you thought to yourself “I can’t be bothered with this”

You have spent the time working through the tips from previous episodes

You’ve broken the work down

Prioritised it with the Eisenhower matrix

You’ve picked the top 3 tasks to work on

You’ve even made sure that you’ve prepared everything you need

And you’re still thinking to yourself, “I cannot be bothered”

The question then comes up

“Are you working on the right things”

Join me now to explore this question and see how working on the right things can improve your results

Do you have one or more of these

You don’t feel challenged

You’re not learning

You don’t feel engaged by what you are doing

You don’t think the work you are doing delivers a meaningful impact

You don’t know where you or your work fits into the big picture

You feel what you are doing brings value to others

You just can’t get motivated to continue

If you’re feeling any of these you need to be asking yourself

“Am I working on the right things”

Before we jump into the question it’s important to remember that sometimes you have to do the boring work

You have to do your tax returns, and yes it’s boring but it needs to be done

You have to pay the bills

You have to document what you’ve done and why you’ve done it

For things like this, the things you have to do, well, to be honest, the only thing you can do is suck it up and get on with it

For the non-mandatory things, this is where you have the opportunity to explore whether you are working on the right things

So what is the right thing?

It seems such a simple statement, but when you start to dig into it a whole can or worms is opened

Generally, if you are working on the right thing you get the following feelings

You feel challenged

You are learning

You are engaged

You feel you and your work have a meaningful impact

You know where you fit in the big picture

You think you are bringing value to others

And you’re motivated to continue

If these are missing then you are likely to start questioning what you are doing

You feel like its not worth doing anything

You start to wonder “am I working on the right things”

At times like this its when you may want to stop, take a step back and assess what you are doing

Look at the big picture

A good place to start is by taking a step back to see where you and your work fit into the big picture

This is where my life planning model comes in

There are 5 levels to this

At the top is your Life Purpose Statement

This is the “why” of your life

Why you are here

What are your core beliefs

Everything you do should be coming from this

Everything you do should be aimed at meeting your Life Purpose statement

Below this is your 3 – 5-year goals

These are long term challenging goals

Each one is designed to move you a step closer to meeting your Life Purpose

The next level down is your 1-year goals

These are medium-term and achievable goals

Each one should be moving you towards one of those longer-term goals

And each long term goals should have at least one 1 year goal

Next down are Projects

Don’t get over-worried by the word project

In my model, a project is just something that takes more than 1 step to complete

Your projects are discrete pieces of work that are there to help you move towards your 1-year goal

The finally at the bottom is your Actions.

An action is a single step that you can make that moves you towards completing a project

The idea is that every step moves you to complete a project

Every project comes you towards a 1-year goal

Every 1-year goal moves you towards a 3 – 5-year goals

And every 3 – 5-year goal moves you towards your life purpose statement

When you are doing things that do not fit into this, this is where you get the feeling that you are not working on the right thing

Let’s look at an example

You have a Life purpose statement of “Be a successful member of society”

A 3 – 5-year goal is “Own a successful business with $1,000,000 profit per year”

A 1-year goal is “Earn $200,000 revenue this year”

A project is “Launch an online store selling my products”

And then you have a whole series of actions that allow you to build that online store

This is good

You can see where each of the actions you are taking is moving you forwards

But you then find yourself spending time responding to comments on your Facebook page

And you are thinking to yourself “am I doing the right thing here?”

So you take a step back and look at your life planning model

Responding to Facebook comments is not on there

It is taking you away from doing actions that will move you towards your projects

It is taking you away from doing the things that are needed to allow you to move forward

By using this you are then able to see that you don’t need to spend time on those Facebook comments

You need to spend time doing the actions that move you towards your project

And yes this example is overly simple.

Everyone has more than 1 project

And in most likely responding to those Facebook comments would be useful in developing an excellent customer service

This is just an example!

So what can you do about those things that you decide you are no longer going to do

Some of them you can just ignore

If you’re like me you started doing them because you went down a rat-hole

Just decide that you’re going to stop them then stop them

Other things may well need to be done

For these, you would go back to your life planning

Where does the action fit into your life plan

If there is no home for it then you need to look at the bigger picture

Do you need a new project for the action to belong to?

Do you need a new 1-year goal for that project?

And carry on up the tree

With our example, resounding to Facebook comments

You decide you need a new Project for “Customer Service”

This, in turn, belongs to a new 1-year goal of “Build on Customer Service for 90% client satisfaction”

And this new 1year goal becomes a new child goal of that existing 3 – 5-year goals

Bu that still dent help you with getting that done as well as working on the other projects

This leads us into one possible solution

You decide that you need someone to help you

Once you decide to grow your team it opens up an entire minefield

Do you employ someone?

Do you earn enough to pay them?

How do you know they are the right fit?

Should it be a family member or friend?

How do you recruit them?

This list of questions it goes on and on

A very easy way to fix this is to look at the use of a Virtual Assistant, or VA

This is someone you can bring in to do specific tasks

Don’t like doing admin – use a VA

Don’t like producing and chasing invoices – use a VA

Don’t like marketing – use a VA

I could go one with different examples, but I think you are getting the idea

And there’s nothing to say you can only have 1 VA

You could use one for admin and then a different one for marketing

Many VAs have skills in a specialist area

Skills that you don’t have

Why not use someone else with the right skills to do that work

That then frees you up to concentrate on what you are good at

Think of it this way

If you are able to earn $100 per hour that you work

You are spending 8 hours a week doing admin work

You can use a VA to do the admin work

They charge $50 per hour

But, because they are a specialist in the admin they can do that work in 5 hours a week

To use the VA will cost you $250 per week

You can then use your 8 hours to do client work

That’s $800 per week in additional revenue

Take off that the cost of the VA

You are now making an additional $550 per week

That’s potentially over $24,000 additional profit each year

What could you do with $24,000 in a years time

Do you have something that makes you think “am I working on the right thing”

Do you have some work that someone else could do for you

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To summarise

We often have to do things that make us think “am I working on the right thing”

What we want to have is things that make

You feel challenged

You are learning

You are engaged

You feel you and your work have a meaningful impact

You know where you fit in the big picture

You think you are bringing value to others

And you’re motivated to continue

When you’re not working on the right thing its best to Stop

Then take a step back to look at the big picture

Look at your life plans and see where it fits in

If it doesn’t fit in then can you just stop doing it

For this those that still need to be done look at using other people to do that for you

A good place to start is to look at virtual assistants who can use their specialised knowledge to do those actions

If you’re struggling with what’s going on in your work and life then give me a call

We can work through my life planning process so you can see where everything fits

You will be able to see what you need to be working on, what others can do for you and what you need to stop doing this

Knowing this lets you work on the rights things and deliver the results you deserve

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