The Grow package is targeted to provide you with long term support, learning, and accountability. After each weekly session you will receive a short report covering the items discussed.

This is focused on enabling you to

  • grow your productivity skills
  • Identify long and medium-term goals
  • Come up with actions to move you towards these goals
  • Identify issues affecting you and put in place steps to address them
  • Be held accountable for delivery
  • Planning out your week and sticking to that plan
  • Being able to handle the urgent changes that come up through the day
  • Having a way to track your progress during the week

How Grow Works

What you need to be productive

Each week there will be two separate sessions.

Session 1- Improve session

The first a 1-hour session focusing on medium-long term planning and productivity skills development. This is either in-person or via video-conference, depending on your location.

In this session we

  • Get to know you and your work
  • Discuss the issues you are facings and how they are impacting your work and life
  • We then prioritise these based on their impact on you
  • Identify your goals and where you see yourself going
  • We then work out and define a set of actions you can take to address the issues and start you moving towards your goals

Session 2- Deliver session

The second is a 30-minute session each week focusing on short-term actions and metrics. This is video-conference.

In this session we

  • Set a series of metrics that will be monitored on a daily basis
  • Discuss your goals for the week
  • Discuss any issues you are encountering with working through your actions
  • Produce a series of actions you will undertake to move you towards those goals

Other Benefits

You will have access to support via the Slack messaging service between sessions.

We will have a short daily catchup on Monday – Friday to check what has been completed and things that are not going as planned. As part of this we will come up with some quick things you can do to bring you back on track.

Sessions 1 and 2 are run at different times. This is to ensure we are able to focus on the different outcomes from each session.

For the weekly sessions it is important that you are somewhere quiet, and ideally in a private location. We will be covering areas that are confidential, so you want to minimise the likelihood of someone overhearing our conversation.

At the start of each session you will be asked to turn off your phone and mute all notifications. This is to ensure we are able to talk with a minimum of distractions, and with your full attention.

What You Get

After session 1 you will receive the Improve report.

You will receive the Deliver report after session 2.

How Grow Helps

This package allows you to grow your skills in a structured manner. You are not trying to learn everything yourself. We also introduce accountability for your actions. This is used to allow you to deliver results.

The areas we covered is based on the issues you are currently facing, and your long and medium term goals. This means each session is focused on addressing real problems and opportunities. There is no artificial case studies, just getting down and addressing what is causing you pain now!

As we work through your issues and goals to identify we identify key steps that you can take. These actions allow you to move forward with confidence.

We will be agreeing on a set of metrics for each week. Metrics are important as it allows us to track progress. If you don’t measure it then you can improve it!

The daily catchups are there to help keep you focused on delivery. They hold you accountable for following your plan but also allow for changes due to any urgent things that may come up.

What Does Grow Cost

Grow Package

$1700 per month

$850 per month
for first 3 months

All prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST, which will be added for Australian clients

Your Next Action

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