Established in 2017, Next Actions provides productivity coaching and mentoring. Our focus is on individuals and small groups. We aim to enable them to Get Things Done and deliver improved results.

Our Values

  • Our clients are our family, your success is our success
  • We value everyone
  • Time and energy are valuable, don’t waste them
  • Respect and honesty are the only ways to do business
  • We are dedicated to on-going learning and development
  • Laughing while working delivers results
  • Most importantly – Be AWESOME every day.

About Garry Eves

Garry - Get Things Done

From the UK, and now based in Australia, I have over 20 years of experience in IT and productivity.

I have worked in large businesses. These include Sainsburys Supermarkets (UK), Accenture, Myer (Australia) and IBM. I also have worked in small organisations, including not-for-profits. I have found that my techniques are of benefit in all types of organisations.

How I got into Productivity

My productivity journey began in 2007 when I moved into my first management role. I was struggling. I was trying to do everything myself. There was very little planning and I was not working effectively. I was reacting to everything and jumping from one burning issue to another. There was little help from my employer, the expectation was that I would know how to manage.

My stress levels were now running very high. I was tired and grumpy all the time. I had no work-life balance. Everything was work, work, work.

I knew I needed to do something, but did not know what to do, let alone how to start.

What Did I Do To Get Things Done?

I started to search the internet for productivity resources. It was surprising to see the number of posts from people with the same issues as me.

This led me to the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. This book guided me through the first steps in getting my life under control.

I stopped being so reactive. I started to plan more, for myself and my team. My stress levels started to drop. My team started delivering improved results, and often with a faster turnaround time. I was starting to Get Things Done.

Was this book the “fix-all”? No. Did it start me on the journey? Yes.

From here I was able to start tweaking the system to match my evolving needs. I read further books and articles, each of which allowed me to make more small changes to the way I was working. Every step reduced my stress levels, bringing my work and life further under control.

Why did I go into this business

My wish is to help people who are in the same situation I found myself in 2007.  You are not alone.  Let me help you bring out your inner productivity ninja and become the awesome person you should be.

I also want to help businesses, managers and team leads, to get the results they deserve. I want to give them the skills to develop their team members so they realise their potential. These all lead in increased profit, and peace of mind.

Check out the How I Help page to see how I help you Get Things Done.