Teams Employees


Your employees are busy, but are they busy doing the right things?

Is their worked planned or are they reacting to circumstances as they arise?

Do they know where their work fits in, or are they just focusing on their small part?

Is stress impacting their work, are they taking sick leave due to this?

Do they spend time gossiping and procrastinating?


How do you help them to break this cycle?

You could send them on a training course.  These are expensive, normally done during the working week and hosted in cities far away from where your employees live, resulting in travel time, extra costs and accommodation charges.  Is this something your business can afford?

They come back from the course, full of new knowledge, but with no personalised plan to move your business forward?  Nothing changes. They are still overwhelmed.  Now they have an extra week of work to catch up on!  They fall straight back to the reactive mode.  Their morale may also fall, as they have the new skills but are not able to use them.

This does not help your employees.  This does not help your business.

It is time to change!


Next Actions – helping your employees to start Getting Things Done

Next Actions is different.

Our goal is to help your teams deliver the results your business needs.

Through a series of 1-hour sessions, we work through everything going on the attendees work and life.  At the end of each session, they come out with a personalised plan to move them towards their goals.  After each session we recommend to leave a week before the next one, so they have time to practice and reflect on their new skills.

We deliver our sessions either on your premises (yes we come to you, depending on location) or via video-conference.  We keep our session attendance small, preferably a maximum of four people at a time.

Some of the benefits your business will get are :

In your businessBe In ControlFeel better about yourself
Improve your results. Deliver quicker and with improved qualityKnow your business priorities, and plan to achieve themReduced stress
Bring out the best in your team.Know what your team is working onFeel relaxed and happy
Work on your business, not in itUnderstand the impact if your plans changeSleep soundly, no longer waking up worrying about things not happening
Know that the work is getting doneYour mind is clear, ready to receive new opportunities
Stop missing opportunities for growthIncrease your teams morale


Let Garry help you get back In Control

Through coaching and mentoring sessions we will work together to find

  • everything going on in life and work
  • goals that need to be achieved, and plan ways to meet these
  • what is needed to allow work to proceed
  • prioritising work and actions
  • delegate and track projects and actions to others

These are hands-on sessions. Attendees come out of each session with a personalised action plan.

Bring clarity and control to your life and work.  Start Getting Things Done.