Let me help you get In Control.

Do you want to be in Control of your Work and Life? Get to know where you’re going and how to get there.

Control where you are going

My Services put you in Control

No made up case studies.

No theoretical discussions that do not relate to you.

All sessions are practical and interactive, putting your needs and your work at the front of everything we do.

After the first session, you will start to see results.

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Getting Control

Provides the basic tools and understanding to Get Things Done (GTD).

A series of sessions, each about 1 hour in length.

It is recommended you do one session a week.  This allows you to practice the new skills before the next session, and come armed with questions and moments of enlightenment.

Required Sessions

These sessions must be completed first, in this order, to set a solid foundation for the remaining sessions.

Clear Your Mind

  • Identify everything you are juggling in your head
  • Look at your Inboxes and how to handle them
  • Identify items that can be delegated to others, or put off until a later time

Plan Your Life

  • Identify your priorities in work and life
  • Break these down to long and medium-term goals

Plan Your Work

  • Dig into your goals to come up with a set of Projects you can do now
  • For each of these identify steps that can be done to move them forward and bring results

Doing The Work

  • What do you need to do your work?
  • How to decide what to do at any given time
    How to move from being a Reactive person to being a Proactive person with a plan of action

Keep On Track

  • The importance of regular reviews of your priorities and workload
  • How to get into productive routines
  • What to do when the unexpected happens

Optional Sessions

These sessions can be done in any order.

Communications and Tools

  • Different types and ways of communicating
  • Importance of setting timelines for responses
  • How to handle Reference material
  • Quick overview of some tools


  • How to get value from meetings
  • Outline of some different types of meeting you may need
  • How to run an effective meeting


  • Importance of delegating, to you and person delegating to
  • Guidelines on how to delegate
  • How to provide feedback

Personal Effectiveness

  • Look at 8 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • When things become too much, how to respond
  • Brief look at automating some of your work
  • Creative thinking to help you move things forward

Time Management

  • Making the most of your time
  • The importance of commitments you make
  • Procrastination – some tips and tricks

Mastering Control

Ongoing mentoring service, focusing on your needs and issues.

Let me help you get back in control